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Elementary School Programs K-5th

Temple Sholom of West Essex has a devoted space for our Religious School programs. The very size of our Temple allows familiarity, comfort and a true sense of community for all.


K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade
4th & 5th Grade

Parent Handbook


  • Kindergarten-2nd Grade: Our youngest students can see Judaism as something that invites their senses coupled with physical movement to engage with Judaism in a natural inviting way. Hebrew Through Movement (HTM) introduces Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way, creating a positive first link between children and Hebrew. Student participate in Tefillah/Shira (prayer and singing) with our Cantor.

  • 3rd  -  5th Grade: In our next opportunity to engage our younger students we take another natural step to use music and videos to learn and interact through mediums that they enjoy, feel comfortable with and grow as Jewish people. We encourage their natural creativity and invite their curiosity in a Jewish Learning environment. We strive to enhance the learning and help students make meaning and connections. Students participate in Tefillah/Shira (prayer and singing) with our Cantor.

    5th Grade only: From January to May, 5th graders have a 
    20-minute personalized ONLINE Hebrew lesson weekly to work on reading and chanting prayers. This is called Hebrew PREP Online:  PREP stands for Prayer Reading Experience Personalized. Some students will have 1:1 appointments and some will have 2:1 appointments with a Hebrew teacher. This is in addition to their Wednesday afternoon classes. 

Jewish Studies 
Throughout the year, students will learn about the holidays, Torah, history and Israel all through the lens of Jewish values.
Our students will:
  • Be empowered to live meaningful Jewish lives by connecting lessons to real-world scenarios, helping them apply Jewish learning to their daily lives. 
  • Develop a positive Jewish identity, allowing them to explore their own personal connection to our heritage.
  • Acquire important tools and develop social-emotional skills that they can apply in all of their interactions.

Youth Group: TaSTYKef! Kef means fun! 
Our youngest precious learners (K-5th graders) gather approximately 5 times a year for social events connected to Judaism. Past events include: Chopped Jr-The Sukkot Edition, Passover Escape Room, and trip to a farm and Mitzvah Makers.

Pasta Dinners - Tuesday @5:45pm  and Wednesdays @6:00pm
Once a month after Religious School, families join their child(ren) for a complimentary Pasta dinner. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy a meal together and socialize so we can enjoy the opportunity to be a community that gets to know each other andhear about each other's lives. 
Hang Out @Home Shabbat - Friday night

A chance to share Shabbat and a meal in the comfort our our homes! Families volunteer to host other families in their home for Shabbat. Together we sing Shabbat blessings, enjoy a pizza dinner, and enjoy getting to know one another. 

Some of the most powerful, lasting Jewish memories children have are made with their families. J*Family offers memorable, enjoyable, educational and celebratory programs for families.

Judaism is not just a classroom experience at Temple Sholom! Students and parents are invited to join us on excursions to Jewish sites in New York and New Jersey. We will adventure on day trips that will show our families the magic of our Jewish historic past and present. Enjoy a knish or a kosher pickle while exploring Judaism and see it come alive through our students' eyes.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784