Giving Opportunities

When the Israelites built the Tabernacle in the desert, God asked Moses to
collect donations to build this portable sanctuary. “You shall accept gifts for Me
from every person whose heart so moves him,” God said. The response was
so great that Moses received more donations than he could use.

Temple Sholom is our modern-day equivalent of the Tabernacle.  It is a place where we come together to worship and learn with like-minded individuals.  It is a place where we educate our youth so that they can take their rightful place in the Jewish community.  It is a place where we work on fulfilling our hopes for ourselves, our family and our community.

Like most congregations, Temple Sholom’s membership dues are set at a level that makes it possible for all who so desire to join us.   This means that even if every member were to pay full dues, the temple could not cover all of the expenses incurred to fulfill its mission.  Therefore, like almost all congregations, Temple Sholom relies on the generosity of its members to supplement their dues with voluntary contributions at both the High Holy Days and throughout the year.  Gifts from the heart, of all sizes, are vital to sustaining temple life.