Religious School

For more information about our Tuition Free Religious School,
please contact our Director of Education
Michael Melasky at or (973) 239-1321


At Temple Sholom, we are committed to educate our children so that they will :

  • Have pride in honoring our traditions and teachings of Torah (Torah)
  • Feel joy in celebrating our holidays (Avodah)
  • Be responsible as they care for others (Gemilut Chasadim)
Our vision of education embraces:
  • The whole child through interactive multi-sensory learning
  • The  family in our  family programming
  • The larger community through our mitzvah activities in school and the belief expressed in the school that each child can change the world.
  • The time demands on families and strives to pursue innovative ways to respond to those challenges.
Our goals are:
  • For our students to be excited about being Jewish
  • To offer a Jewish educational experience in which families are partners in the learning process
  • To allow each child to learn Hebrew at a pace and in a style that reflects his/her needs and abilities
  • To provide our families opportunities to come together as a community for worship, mitzvot and friendship
  • To transmit through a tested curriculum critical “enduring understandings” about Judaism
  • To give families the tools to observe and celebrate holidays throughout the Jewish year with joy and confidence and to appreciate and value life cycle eventsLearningaboutshabbatK_1Cropped
Highlights of our Kindergarten through Third Grade Program:
  • Attendance at school one day per week on Tuesdays from 4:00PM – 5:45PM
  • Integration of arts, crafts and music into the curriculum
  • Innovative and fun Hebrew curriculum in Third Grade
Highlights of our Fourth through Sixth Grade Program :
  • Attendance at school one day per week on Wednesdays from 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
  • Innovative Hebrew program that emphasizes technology
  • Theme based Jewish studies that integrate core Jewish ideas
  • Attending a number of Friday night Shabbat services, commensurate with grade level. (Fourth graders attend a minimum of four services, fifth graders five services and sixth graders six services).
  • Participation in four family education programs
  • Participation in grade level family mitzvah projects
  • One hour per week of Hebrew learning at home with a self- guided Hebrew CD that tracks the textbook. A teacher will track the child’s work at home via the internet and those students who progress slower than expected are required to attend on Mondays for additional help.
  • This program is designed to maximize options for our families. There are two basic choices a family can make: (a) the basic minimum program requirements or (b) the basic minimum plus additional learning opportunities

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RS Yad imageThose families who desire more learning can:

  • Send their child to school on Monday for additional Hebrew instruction in small groups or one-on-one with our Hebrew faculty. Those students who progress rapidly can do advanced Hebrew learning on Mondays with our faculty
  • Attend more than the four required family programs, as anywhere from ten to twelve will be offered throughout the year.
  • Come to as many Shabbat services as they like
  • Do as many mitzvah projects as they like

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The 4th grade of Temple Sholom of West Essex  makes the desert bloom as part of their year long unit on Israel.








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June of Montclair tries out the benefits of the Dead Sea mud in the Second Grade class (she’s in fourth grade now) at Temple Sholom of West Essex as part of their year long unit on Israel.

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Religious School Calendar-2017-18

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