Confirmation Class, 10th Grade
Teens in the Confirmation class study the core concepts of Judaism at a more advanced level and relate them to their lives.

Under Rabbi Groffman’s guidance, they meet twice a month to:

  • Study the Holocaust
  • Explore issues relating to the formation of their identity
  • How to analyze contemporary issues through the lens of Jewish values
  • Discuss the weekly Torah portion each session, using G-d cast, engaging short animated video
  • Explore the core Jewish concepts and values
  • Create, as a class, their own Confirmation Service


Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2017

On Friday, June 9, Jack, Matt, Julien, & Shaun led a special Confirmation Service with a focus on “their” Ten Commandments. 
Yasher koach to these young men!



They can also participate with Rabbi and Naomi Patz on a possible class trip to Prague and Amsterdam to explore the Jewish people in the Shoah (Holocaust) and throughout history. (TBD annually). See past trip below.

Post Confirmation, 11th and 12th Grades

Rabbi Groffman leads several sessions over these two years on “Preparing For College Jewish Style.”  The goal of these sessions is to help parents and students think about how their Jewish identity can play a part in selecting a college and how being Jewish can impact their time at college.  Some of the sessions are for students only, while some involve parents as well.


Confirmation Trip

For over 20 years now, members of our Confirmation Class and their parents (and some grandparents) have traveled with Rabbi Norman and Naomi Patz to Prague and Amsterdam to see first-hand the evidence of Jewish achievement and catastrophe.  Each city has powerful reminders of both: the Jewish Quarters in Prague and the Terezin Ghetto; the 1675 Portuguese Synagogue and the Anne Frank House and Hollandse Schouwburg Theatre in Amsterdam.  The trip is a journey into Jewish history that helps set current Jewish life in perspective.  This year’s trip was, like others, wonderful, exciting, inspiring, thought-provoking and fun.  An unforgettable experience!

 2016 Confirmation Trip to Prague & Amsterdam









Our group at the restored Magdeburg Barracks in the Terezin Ghetto.  Terezin was the transit camp cynically and successfully exploited by the Nazis to disguise the Holocaust; it was also the site of an incredible flourishing of culture under horrific conditions.














The kids, braving a cold stiff wind and the beginning of a short rainstorm at the statue of Anne Frank in front of the Westerkirk in Amsterdam (the church whose bells Anne Frank wrote about in her diary).







Lighting a memorial candle at the crematorium at the Terezin cemetery