Krystallnacht, Night of Broken Glass

Join us Friday, November 10, 2017 8:00 pm at Shabbat Services as we commemorate the 79th Anniversary






Night of Broken Glass with Guest Speakers Dr. Ralph Selig and Student Cantor Robby Wittner

Dr. Ralph Selig, Professor at Abraham Geiger  Institute in Berlin, Germany, will return to offer a D’var Torah about the day and its role in the beginning of the Shoah, the Holocaust.   Dr. Selig is an expert in German Jewish choral music and teachesthe next generation of Rabbis and  Cantors in Germany.        In addition to his d’var, Dr. Selig will also present  special artifacts of the German Jewish culture such as original manuscripts of music and prayer books.  The  service will feature some of this primarily lost German Jewish music.  


     We also welcome Guest Cantor Robby Wittner,  Student Cantor of Hebrew Tabernacle of Washington Heights and third year cantorial  student, to share the bimah for the evening